Upgrade: M & W Traveler

Sometimes you just have to see a product in person to do it justice.  I recently purchased a Laptop Briefcase from M&W Traveler, and this is an example of that scenario.  I've seen some pictures - both on their website and on some style forums - and the case definitely looks nice, but in person it's really nice.  Rugged, refined, and really well built.  It's big, almost too big for me, but only because I tend to fill up carry-on bags without fail.

The best feature are the quick release snaps that allow you to open the bag without unbuckling the lid.  The case is made from horsehide which is lightweight, tough, and abrasion resistant.  This is definitely a product that will only look better with wear, and if anyone has photos of a case that's broken in, I'd love to have you post them here.

Someday, I'd like to see a version in deep burgundy or navy with black stitching and nickel hardware - everyone thinks they're a designer these days...