Upgrade: Gabarro Straps

I was in sore need of a new watchband recently, which is one of the reasons that I was glad to see Nick Gabarro.  I should say more glad than usual, we like Nick, and try not to appear too self-serving when possible...  Metal bracelets on watches, while arguably dressier for some, have never been a preference of mine.  They can be clunky, noisy, and potentially destructive to cuffs and keyboards alike.

Gabarro Straps supplies retailers only (for now) with high quality, European made watch bands.  The straps have some outspoken followers, and are available in a full range of sizes.  Presumably, the business began out of necessity for great straps, as Nick is truly a watch fanatic.  He always brings a few watches for show-and-tell.  My particular favorite (pictured) was the vintage Omega Speedmaster with the brown face.  As I learned, it's a highly sought after piece.  Omega used a pigment in the face that slowly turned brown, a "mistake" they only made for one year.