Upgrade: Wallets from Makr

From time to time we'll put together an order of small leather goods.  For this latest round, we sent a a handful of leathers down to Jason at Makr.  I've been carrying the "flap wallet" for a while now, and I really like it - although it did take some getting used to.  It's slim and secure and different, so let the Costanza wallet go.  We have a select few available for purchase, details can be found at the end of this post.

Shades of Makr

The simplicity of the design and the natural character of the leather is a great combination - wallets are some of my favorite leather goods, since they see so much use and only get better as they burnish.

Some other styles - counter-clockwise from the left: Dark Brown Shell, Color #4 Shell, Natural Essex, Tan Chromexcel, Green Shell

My favorite part of the wallet is actually the inside. Some have ink stamps, measuring machine stamps (showing square footage of the original piece in silver foil), finished backs (e.g. the Chromexcel), and dye spots from when we hand stained the shells.

The inside is the best part - counter-clockwise from the right: Tan Chromexcel, Color #4 Shell, Navy Shell, Black Shell, Color #4 (again)

The boxes are hand-inked, a nice touch.

Prices range from $110 to $200 plus shipping (Visa or MasterCard) - please email for more details - nick(at)horween.com

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