We should take the best of everything; the best hides, the best oils, the best dyes and finishes – then we do whatever it takes to make that leather the best. The price goes on last, and if we cannot sell it for what it is worth, we should not make that leather.
— Isidore Horween, Master Tanner and Founder, 1905 – 1948
We always felt there was a right way and a wrong way to make fine leather. It takes us at least six months to make a cordovan shell. Our cordovan could probably be made faster, and people might not even be able to tell the difference… but I can.
— Arnold Horween, President, 1949 – 1983
As tanneries go we’re not the biggest, the fastest, or the cheapest, which means we need to be the best. Our business is built on doing things other people don’t, won’t, or can’t.
— Arnold Horween, Jr., President, 1983 – 2003
Quality must be more than a word. It doesn’t belong to one company or one country, it doesn’t happen by chance, and it requires constant attention. It’s a contract between seller and buyer – an agreement that something is good and worth having. Our greatest enemy is the phrase ‘it’s good enough’.
— Arnold “Skip” Horween III, President, 2003 – present
Our mission has always been to produce the highest quality product for our customers. It’s an honor to continue that tradition by making the best leather we can. When you put your name on something it has to be exactly right.
— Nick Horween, Vice President, 2008 – present